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DBS Associates
Janice T. Demarest
DBS Associates

6633 E. Greenway Parkway
Unit 2063
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
New Phone No.: 480-765-2501




By using our digital transcription service, you’ll save time and money. Send us your CDs or DVDs, digital sound files via the Internet. We’ll download the files, transcribe the material, and create a written transcript for you. Or, we can transcribe directly over the Internet.

DBS transcribes business correspondence, educational forums and meetings; speeches; medical, dental, and veterinary programs and meetings; psychiatric reports; panel discussions and advisory group sessions; large and small conferences, seminars, and conventions; one-on-one interviews; focus groups and much more.

You Can Count on DBS
Businesses know they can count on us to get the job done when we say we will. DBS has earned a reputation of being honest, fair, straightforward, and timely in all of our business dealings. We’ll work with you to accomplish the task quickly, provide a quality transcript, and we’ll meet your deadlines in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

If needed, we can time-code your digital transcript. This reflects real-time coding and makes it easier for you to locate important sections within your transcript that you can compare against your files.

Easy Text Transfers
Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast or in-between, just send us your tapes, CDs, DVDs, or files over the Internet. We’ll provide you with a finished product via email, fax, regular mail, or express mail.

Our staff can transcribe from standard or micro audiocassettes, CDs, DVDs, .WAV and MP3 files, and many other formats. We can also transcribe over the Internet, saving you time and money. Time because your file arrives instantly versus a day or two via courier or mail. Money because your courier and mailing costs are eliminated

We charge for the ACTUAL amount of time it takes to complete a project — NEVER more.

DBS is aware of the often ‘sensitive’ nature of our clients’ work. All of our services are performed on a strictly confidential basis. We depend on referrals from satisfied clients — they know they can trust us to preserve the integrity of their work.